Indiana Longhunter Bourbon, Rye, and Peach in Indiana

What's New? The Indiana Longhunter Series

Throw on your leathers and take a stroll with Indiana Longhunter. Hand picked, 4 and 5 year, rye and bourbon single barrels, as well as a Northern Indiana-sourced, all-natural peach bourbon whiskey, Indiana Longhunter answers something like a proverbial "call of the wild" with a Professional, all-Indiana whiskey lineup that embodies the spirit of self-reliance, independence, and the respect of our natural world.

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The Human Element of Craft

What is Craft?

Last summer, I asked social science researchers at my alma mater, Kansas State University, to help  answer the question, What is Craft? in the Craft Whiskey and Spirits industry.

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