What's New? The Indiana Longhunter Series

Throw on your leathers and take a stroll with Indiana Longhunter. Hand picked, 4 and 5 year, rye and bourbon single barrels, as well as a Northern Indiana-sourced, all-natural peach bourbon whiskey, Indiana Longhunter answers something like a proverbial "call of the wild" with a Professional, all-Indiana whiskey lineup that embodies the spirit of self-reliance, independence, and the respect of our natural world.

Indiana Longhunter is carefully produced and bottled in small batches by our friends at the Indiana Whiskey Company in South Bend exclusively at the direction and demand of our independent, Indiana liquor retailers.

Longhunter re-imagines the legacy of oft-forgotten Indiana "Long Hunters," eighteenth-century explorers, hunters, and scouts who lived simply, alone or in very small groups of three or four, and who foraged independently along the new American frontier.

To us, Longhunter is a beautiful image of independence, quiet strength, and self-sufficiency that feels lost in the hurried, aggressive, and bang-bang beverage industry. This is a line that reminds us simply to take a sip by the fire, by yourself or with your closest friend or partner, and just shut up. It helps us to be more thoughtful about where we came from and to appreciate and respect the natural world around us.

The whiskeys themselves are each unique, 4 and 5 year products of Indiana, hand picked by us, and finished in South Bend: bottled each according to the direction of our retail partners to make sure they stay affordable and connect with the demands of Indiana's most conscious whiskey consumers. Select, single barrels are available in short supply.

This project is simple and very dear to us. Indiana liquor retailers can get in touch with Steve or Kjai about carrying a store-picked, Indiana Longhunter spread in any quantity. We appreciate you always.

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