Independent, craft whiskey and spirits.

What is Indiana Small Batch?

Indiana Small Batch is an Indiana liquor wholesaler that supports independent, craft spirits. We offer warehousing, sales, delivery, and marketing to independent, craft whiskey and sprits brands.
We think that "craft is defined by the people connected to it, more so than any mechanical or numerical aspect of production." It is our mission to support makers and artisans with especial focus on the human element of craft and the unique market demands of our independent retailers.
Looking for an independent, craft brand in Indiana? We can find it. Want to distribute craft whiskey in Indiana? Let's do business.

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What is Craft?

The Human Element

We asked anthropologists to help us answer the question, "What is Craft?"

In the distilling business, the term "Craft" refers to any liquor for which the human element is an especially prominent part of the production process. This can manifest in several ways, including intense focus on quality of product, independence from larger producers, or particularly strong connection to local culture or history.


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