Can we set up on Fintech?

We're happy to set up on Fintech with any Indiana liquor retailers.

Fintech ( is an automated payment platform that has specialized in the alcoholic beverage industry for over 30 years.

More than 25% of our independent, Indiana retail partners use or have started to use Fintech to process product payments and manage invoices from Indiana Small Batch. It's one of those platforms that we wish either everyone used or nobody used.

But as our business grows and develops, Fintech has tremendous value to us as an independent distributor because it streamlines, automates, and in may cases speeds up payment and invoicing for us at an administrative level.

Fintech helps to:

  • Keep your workforce safe

  • Eliminate cash, checks, and money orders

  • Speed up deliveries

  • Save time and money at the end of each day

  • Decrease invoice inquiries from your retailer

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Have better control over accounts receivable

  • Add new retailers through the Fintech portal

  • Simplify credit management through the Fintech portal

  • Improve invoice record reconciliation

After seeing the impact of cumbersome and challenging payment methods and strict regulatory laws on efficiency and profits for alcohol businesses, Fintech founders set out to change the game, starting with state adoption of electronic funds transfer (EFT) for alcohol invoice payments. In 1991, Fintech received its first state approval to use EFT as a cash equivalent for the payment of beer, wine, and spirits, and after 18 dedicated years, this payment method was approved in all 50 states.

Fintech continues to offer modern payment methods and develop affordable technology that delivers smart solutions for beverage alcohol management and it brings automation and data insights to alcohol retailers, distributors, and suppliers.

Indiana liquor retailers, we're happy to help get you set up on Fintech. We'll get the process started for you.

Set up on Fintech