Thank You

We love craft whiskey. We appreciate the distilling process; we admire the craft aesthetic; and we deeply respect the innovative makers responsible for the artisan spirits movement.
With more products and marketing dollars from big brands blasting shelves, it is increasingly difficult for small and mid-sized craftsmen and women to bring innovate new whiskeys and spirits to the Indiana retail market in true small batches.
We started Indiana Small Batch in 2015 to support independent, craft distilleries. We travel on the peripheries of the beverage industry to offer easy warehousing, dynamic sales, fast delivery, and guerrilla marketing that assists independent craftswomen and men.
It is our mission to support makers and artisans with especial focus on the human element of craft and the social and cultural demands of our retail customers.
We hope you appreciate our craft whiskeys and spirits as much as we do. We truly appreciate your business.
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