Patio Time with Steve in South Bend

Summer in Indiana means it's patio time! Outdoor seating. Lunch on the deck! Food trucks! Sidewalk cafés! Summer in Indiana and it's okay to eat outside again!
Throughout the state, the Big Dog, Steve Strabbing, is up to his chin in delicious, savory outdoor eating options. The week's grind has pulled Steve up to our home warehouse in South Bend, where he met a couple of wonderful, new independent, craft retailer managers for our lineup of craft whiskey and spirits.
And working all day for the man gets Steve pretty hungry.
So what does our man, Steve, do? He pulls over at the gorgeous, riverside brewery, Crooked Ewe Brewery and Ale House, for what Steve described as "perfect patio weather." Elote-crusted hush puppies, sirloin and brisket burger, with a side of beef fat fries, all washed down with a Monday Pale Ale with mosaic hops, dried apple, tropical fruit, and citrus notes.
Is it the perfect patio meal for a weekday afternoon in South Bend? The gang of tiny, log-hugging turtles seems to think so. Check them out:
Crooked Ewe Brewery and Ale House
1047 Lincoln Way E
South Bend, IN 46601
(574) 217-0881
Steve  is Sales Director and Portfolio Manager for Indiana Small Batch. To  succeed in his herculean role, Steve utilizes tremendous thought, care,  communication, and empathy. And truly to win the day, Steve also must  travel. From the cockpit of a fuel-efficient Ford Maverick, Steve can bounce from Ft. Wayne to Evansville, South Bend to Lafayette, Indianapolis to Merrillville, and to each and every small and mid-sized Hoosier hamlet in between.
Thoughtfully and competently slinging craft whiskey all day,  coupled with the demands of life on the road, take energy. And our man,  Steve, receives his energy from the long and lazy line of independent,  craft burger pubs, shawarma shops, taco trucks, and wing eateries that  track throughout the state of Indiana.
Steve knows whiskey. And needless to say, in his line of work,  Steve knows food. Check out Steve's trail of independent, Indiana  restaurants here. Know of an Indiana food joint Steve should visit? Let  him know!
Steve at Crooked Ewehush puppiesTurtles