Where can I find Old 55 Bourbon?

Indiana's most award-winning and popular premium bourbon, Old 55 Distillery is located just east of the intersection of State Road 341 and Old Highway 55 in Newtown, Indiana.
Distilling Indiana's first true Bottled-in-Bond Wheated Bourbon, 100% Sweet Corn Bourbon, and mouth-watering single barrel picks, Old 55 is the most sought-after independent, craft whiskey in the Indiana market. For that reason, Old 55 can be difficult to find on shelves in Indiana unless you know where to look.
Fortunately, we know where to look. Please leave a name, email address, and an Indiana zip code for us, and we'll get in touch to let you know if there are bottles available at a local retailer in your area and how to get a hold of them.
Find Old 55
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Old 55 Bottled in Bond in LaPorte-1
Old 55 Bottled-in-Bond Single Barrel Bourbon
  • 100 Proof
  • Aged over FOUR (4) years
  • 80% Estate-grown Indiana Corn, 20% Soft Red Winter Wheat
Old 55 Bottled-in-Bond Single Barrel Bourbon is the flagship bourbon from renowned Old 55 Distillery. Vanilla, oats, and chocolate characterize this estate-to-bottle, premium wheated bourbon experience.
Sweet Corn from Old 55 in Franklin
Old 55 Sweet Corn Bourbon
  • 80 Proof
  • Aged over TWO (2) years
  • 100% Estate-grown Indiana Sweet Corn
Sweet Vanilla, Caramel: Old 55 Sweet Corn Bourbon offers one of the most unique flavor profiles of any bourbon, anywhere, ever.  Sweet, incredibly complex, full body, with a smooth finish, Sweet Corn Bourbon is meticulously heart-cut and distilled from estate-grown sweet corn off the cob. This is truly a premium, one-of-a-kind, farm-to-bottle Indiana Bourbon.