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America's First and Only Four-Crop Vodka

American Liquor Co. Vodka is the tasty result of a craft project led by Distiller, Chris Montana, that blends the vodkas of four different Midwest grains from a collaboration of Midwest craft distilleries.
  • Wheat Vodka from Middle West Spirits in Columbus, Ohio and Stumpy Spirits in Columbia, Illinois
  • Corn Vodka from Yahara Bay in Fitchburg, Wisconsin
  • Rye Vodka from Grand Traverse Distillery in Traverse City, Michigan and Valentine Distilling in Ferndale, Michigan
  • Potato Vodka from Proof Artisan Distillers in Fargo, North Dakota
The vodkas are then blended and bottled at Temperance Distilling Company in Temperance, Michigan to create the most one-of-a-kind vodka experience we've ever had.
Indiana Small Batch is excited about American Liquor Co. Vodka for a lot of reasons, primarily:
  1. This vodka sips like a whiskey. The unique blend of four different quality Midwest grains creates a nuanced flavor profile that is as complex and sophisticated as some of our favorite whiskeys. No bullshit, this vodka sips like a craft whiskey, with a hint of fruity on the front, a soft buttery and vanilla mouthfeel, and a slow, spicy finish. Perhaps our very favorite thing about American Liquor Co. Vodka is the quality of the juice in the glass. You can make any clear-spirited cocktail you want from this, but our preference is still straight, neat, and never chased.
  2. The people are incredible. We've never before seen such a herculean effort and goosebump-raising collaboration of craft distillers come together to make something truly wonderful. We're tremendously proud to be even a small part of such a unique effort in the craft space and to work with such passionate, socially-conscious folks throughout the Midwest. It makes the vodka taste that much better to know that the women and men behind the product and the story are true artisans, partners, and friends.
  3. The aesthetic is beautiful. We can't say enough about the artistic beauty that the project and final product bring to Indiana. From the red, white, and blue and the American name, to the clean, clear marketing and brand aesthetic, American Liquor Co. Vodka presents a picture of craft, inclusion, and social responsibility.

Learn more about American Liquor Co. here.

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