What is Indiana Small Batch?

Indiana Small Batch is an Indiana liquor wholesaler that supports independent, craft spirits makers and independent, Indiana liquor retailers. We offer warehousing, sales, delivery, and marketing to independent, craft whiskey and spirits brands.


We think that "craft is defined by the people connected to it, more so than any mechanical or numerical aspect of production." It is our mission to support makers and artisans with especial focus on the  human element of craft and the unique market demands of Indiana's independent retailers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Indiana craft whiskey?

Independent, craft whiskeys can be difficult to find on shelves in Indiana unless you know where to look. Fortunately, we know where to look. Please leave a name, email address, and an Indiana zip code, and we'll get in touch to let you know if there are bottles available at a local retailer in your area and how to get a hold of them.

Can I get an updated price sheet?

Yes. Bona fide quantity deals are available on in stock, warehoused products. Quantity deals can rotate depending on the season. Licensed Indiana liquor retailers can get product list, pricing, and order info, as well as quantity deals, new releases, and events right here.

Will you carry my whiskey in Indiana?

Want to sell independent, craft whiskey and spirits in Indiana? Let's do business. All licensed craft spirits makers wishing to sell independent, craft whiskey and spirits in Indiana may contact us to find out if your products fit our craft portfolio. Contact us.

Do you do business with other liquor wholesalers?

Of course. Our aim is to support independent, craft makers and retailers. We are always on the lookout to partner with great industry people and knowledge. We would love to connect and to share trade tricks and portfolio items inside and outside of the state. Liquor wholesalers can connect with us here.

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