Can I get an updated price sheet?

Yes, of course. Product lists and pricing are subject to changes. Updated sales sheets are always available. Licensed Indiana liquor retailers can get a full product list, pricing, and order information, as well as quantity deals, new releases, and upcoming event locations by phone, email, or one-on-one visit. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll get in touch.

What are your current quantity deals?

Bona fide quantity deals are available for all in-stock, warehoused products. Quantity deals can rotate depending on the season. Licensed Indiana liquor retailers can get quantity deals and information about new releases and events here.

Do you have minimum purchase requirements?

That's silly. No. We do not have minimum purchase requirements. As long as an item is in stock in our warehouse, it is available to any licensed Indiana liquor retailer at any time.

Do you offer single barrel picks?

Yes, we offer single barrel picks from select independent, craft whiskey makers. We facilitate private barrel picks through established craft distilleries. We distribute new, custom whiskey lines from independent suppliers. And we seek out bespoke whiskey and spirits collaborations not yet available in Indiana for discerning Indiana liquor retailers and their customers. Ask us about custom barrel options for your retail or restaurant location.

Looking for something else?

Indiana Small Batch is light and flexible. We offer incredible quality and service through a craft portfolio that is curated by its craftsmanship, independence, and industry innovation. We're always looking to support independent makers and retailers by responding foremost to the needs and demands of our distilling and retail partners. Let us know how we can help.