Are you hiring?

Yes, Indiana Small Batch is hiring.

Customer service, communication, organization, curiosity, and creativity are highly valued. We’re looking for consistent, part-time and full-time players for positions with room to grow in the industry.

Delivery and Logistics

This position is a delivery and logistics assistant that will operate out of our warehouse in South Bend in and report to our Warehouse Manager.

INDIANA SMALL BATCH is first and foremost an Indiana craft liquor distributor. So you must be at least 21 years of age and you must have a maturity level of at least 31 years of age.

You must have a valid, Indiana drivers license and you must have an impeccable, spotless driving record. You will be driving transit vans and larger box trucks from time to time.

You must be thoughtful and well organized. Probably you are an extrovert. But maybe not.

You must be able to lift heavy things: crates and boxes of fragile bottles of craft alcohol: whiskeys, gins, and vodkas. You must be able to load and unload vehicles in this way. There is some bending, lifting, turning, carrying, etc.

You must be able to withstand and appreciate the joy of the Road Trip, because you will be asked to drive over, across, and through the state of Indiana en route to independent bars, restaurants, and package liquor stores once, twice, maybe three times per week. Schedule flexibility is a must, as each week will have its own logistical challenges to solve.

You must possess a very high level of customer service, communication, organization, and thoughtfulness in dealing with a wide range of people. Most people you will interact with are wonderful people. But some people suck. You must be able to smile at both.

You will serve our independent retail customers by unloading boxes at each stop, carefully making sure all items are secure, and occasionally offering merchandising support.

6am or 7am start times are common. But probably not 5am.

You will keep very detailed, organized records of your travels and encounters day-to-day in a simple digital field journal format. You will be asked to capture photographs of customer interactions for digital marketing purposes.

This is, above all, a service position. Distribution is our service. We serve Indiana Craft Spirits Producers and Indiana Liquor Retailers.

Compensation starts at $17.50/hour, with additional benefits including Health Savings, 401k, and phone subsidies.

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